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Questions and Answer about Favourse

Want your favourite teacher or star to come to your town?

Have an idea for a project or an event? And want to check if there is enough interest?

Want to check demand for an idea for a project or event?

Just create a Wish within minutes and share it with family, friends, and on social media.

Favourse is a place for you to share your ideas to the world and reach out to people so they can participate or give feedback.

Our goal is to connect people around the world but also people near you, to help, support, or even contribute to your ideas.

It’s more than just a marketplace or directory website, it’s your crowdsourcing and event planning site

In a Favourse Wish you define what you want and the requirements needed to accomplish it.

You can ask for feedback and ideas, but also ask for resources - financially and otherwise.

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Click on “Create Wish”
  3. Here you define the minimum requirements what is required for your Wish to be considered a success.
  4. Choose “Skip” if you don’t think the field is necessary to fill. Only fill fields that suit your Wish requirements.
  5. Click “Publish” and voilà.
  6. Share your Wish with your network.

You can easily promote your Wish by simply clicking the “Share Button” that will connect to your social media or by embedding the Wish to your website.

As a user, you can join and contribute to any Wish on Favourse by simply clicking the “Join”-button or by contributing in different way. Your participation is really meaningful for the creator.