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I'm looking for someone who can coach me about business. I'm available every Thursday-Friday from 5:00 - 9:00 PM (GMT+2) My current challenge is that I cannot find new customers for my business


Jan Tammen

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Duration: 1 hour,

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Michael Smith
Martin Stellar
Simon Smaluhn


Michael Smith

2021-05-19 03:47:54

I would love to help but I'm in different time zone

Jan Tammen

2021-05-19 04:01:24

Hey where are you at and what time are you available?

Michael Smith

2021-05-19 04:02:11

I'm in GMT-5, possible maybe around 9-10 GMT+2 for the days you mentioned?

Jan Tammen

2021-05-19 04:03:50

That should work! Thanks!

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